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Two film reviews for price of one

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Well in this post got 2 film reviews for you.  Brief but hopefully entertaining.  Watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla recently.  See below:

men Days Of Future Past Wallpaper 46

Another Wolverine - I mean X Men film is out which is a great improvement on X-Men: The Last Stand.  It's a time travel plot which has the old X-Men, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellan etc with the new X Men from the prologue film First Class with James Mcvoy as a young Professor X.
There's too many cast members and actors to mention as it is a large ensemble piece but all play their parts well even the ones with minor parts.  The story which has Hugh Jackman's Wolverine sent back to the past (his mind anyway) to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask played by an underused Peter Dinklage (of Game of Thrones fame), and so having the government develop Sentinels - powerful robots which can adapt to a mutants powers which in the future have killed most of the mutants and humans alike.

The action set pieces and special effects are awesome with some funny moments especially from Wolverine who goes back to his less than menacing bone claws.  Although there are probably a ton of plot holes which time travel films usually have especially in a film franchise.

Overall a great film - one of the best X-Men films out and had great company also.

Score = 8/10

GODZILLA (2014) Casting

Godzilla - one of my all time favourite monsters gets a kind of re-make although the plot links in to the original Godzilla films from Japan.  Especially during the opening credits where they nuke the poor bugger.

It focus's on Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) character Ford who when a child is mother is killed by a nuclear plant disaster and his father is searching for the truth - which is a giant parasite monster which feeds on atomic waste and Godzilla using the plant to feed and grow.  15 years later Ford has his own family and it follows his journey to see his dad then journey home to protect his family.

The beginning was great with mis-direction so when you see giant eggs in a massive fossil you think its a baby Godzilla but no its a parasite monster of which there are two.  One flies (the male), the female is bigger and what annoyed me is it looked too much like the Cloverfield monster.
Also annoying is you hardly see Godzilla - bet he only in for 15 minutes tops and when you see him fighting the monsters although top special effects it can't help looking like the old movies which was bit of a shame as the 1998 Godzilla movie moved away from that and was better for it.

Overall a good film with fantastic special effects but story was bit thin and not enough of the Big G himself.

Score 7/10

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