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Peter F Hamilton Event 14/10/2014

Hi peeps

The other night went to Waterstones Leeds to see Sci Fi author Peter F Hamilton.   It was a top night.
Have to admit have never read any of his near and far future novels but have always wanted to as his novels have always got good reviews in Sci Fi magazines like SFX!   Have started reading a free download of Fallen Dragon which I am enjoying.

The Event started  with Peter reading an extract from his new novel The Abyss Beyond Dreams - a novel which connects his two popular series The Commonwealth System and Void novels.
The extract sounded very interesting and concerned cloning. 

Peter then gave a brief talk then Question and Answer session.  Here's what I learned from him.
He told us why he writes - because he enjoys writing and is a storyteller and would carry on writing even if not published.   At the moment he has 4 novels in his head waiting to get out and currently planning his next set in the Commonwealth which he admits will be the last one in that series as he has 8 in that series and wants to try something new and challenge himself. 

He also shared that when he was young he found Sci Fi in the local library - Asimov in particular.
He is interested in how technology changes it's society and told us a new invention being developed OC Tattoos he wrote about years ago. Its a tattoo that can work with technology as a add on.
With his novels he wants to give people a glimpse of the future and get any of his views of the world across,.

He then went on to say he upsets English Lit teachers as they usually put their view across of what an author has written yet the author didn't mean any of what the Lit teacher is saying or thought of it.

Peter gave us a glimpse of how he writes with some of his novels taking up to 3 years to complete as most are huge.
This includes the first 6 months plotting and research getting details right of any world's and technology and characters.   Once this setting is done he sets out the chapters so knows what's going to happen - this is why he never gets writers block as  novels meticulously planned. 

Peter doesn't set a word count but writes 9 till 5 once he's took kids to school and has a quick lunch break.  On a good day writes around 2000 words.
He also re-drafts as he goes.
In the mornings he edits what he wrote day before then in afternoons he continues with the story. He trusts his Editors - has 2 - one in UK and one in USA. Admitted there's no correct way to write a book - everyone writes differently. 

The Universes he creates he wants them to be distinct and different to each other.

He told the audience that he would rather any of his books be made for TV series instead of film as more detail plus hus books so big - bit like the Game of Thrones series. 
He told us he doesn't see himself writing a different genre just yet like Heroic fantasy.

Peter was asked what he prefers E-books or paper and admitted he reads both - Kindle for holidays and Paper books at home - no preference just convenience. 

Overall a very good Author talk with a friendly informative author and one I will hopefully enjoy reading in the near future once I've read my backlog - lol.

Cheers guys


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  1. Excellent review Neil, sounds like it was a great event and it is always useful to have a look at an established writers process.