Thursday, 26 March 2015

Home - film review

Hi guys

Last weekend took my daughter to see Home - the new film from Dreamworks which from the trailers didn't excite me much but my daughter Bel wanted to see it badly.

I have to admit I really enjoyed it as it had some laugh out loud moments and the CG animation is one of Dreamworks best.  (Although you can't beat the classic Dreamworks Shrek films).

Home is the story of the clumsy alien Oh whose race the Boov conquer Earth after fleeing cowardly from the alien Gorg who chase them around the Universe (a brilliant reason for that which I didn't see coming. )

Oh accidently sends an e mail alerting the Gorg where they are and so goes on the run from his race meeting Tip - a girl hiding out from the Boov invasion and looking for her Mum who has been relocated to Australia with the rest of humanity.

Other than some of the ending the film is a little predictable and Rihanna voices Tip well.  Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) is good as Oh but listening to his nasally voice for over half an hour is annoying.

Overall - good film for the kids.    Score   7/10     Bels score  10/10

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