Monday, 16 March 2015

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett - 28 April 1948 - 12 March 2015


All good things come to an end as the saying goes but in this case an extrodinary man has left the planet - sadly taken by DEATH - a great talent who will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by millions of fans.

12th March 2015 shook the literary world and geeks alike.

Sadly I will never get to meet TP now as he was on my bucket list of authors I wanted to meet as I have been a fan from the 80'S and 90's.

I admit I took a while to get into his Discworld novels when I was introduced to them by my mate Geoff in our School library.   He showed me The Color of Magic which I tried to start a few times but never got into (don't think I was smart enough to get the satirical humour).

Years later I started collecting Sci Fi and Fantasy books  through Sci Fi and Fantasy Book Club (the large TP trilogy books in photo I got from them.)
This is when I started to get into his novels Mort,  Hogfather although I always followed him through news and interviews in various Sci Fi magazines.

I remember the quickest book I have read which took about a week (yes I'm a slow reader as well as writer) was The Truth - a very funny book.

I also followed his fight with alzheimers which was sad to watch but he fought with dignity and even carried on with his writing.  In fact I think his output increased as he tried to get the stories out from under his famous hat and into shops for us to enjoy. 

Yes even though I haven't met Sir Terry Pratchett I will miss his influence he has had over the last 30 years on my reading and writing. 

My thoughts go out to his family including his daughter Rihanna. 

Look after him well DEATH.

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