Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cleckheaton Literary Festival - 1 week on

Hi guys

I haven't posted on here for a while as I've been busy stewarding for the first Cleckheaton Literary Festival for 4 days plus posting on their blog.  See below.

It was an amazing event which everyone involved in it should be proud.   It was a total success from the Andy Kershaw event which was packed to the crime panel with Alison Taft,  Helen Cadbury and Leigh Russell (who I invited on Facebook).

Saturday was a great event where adults and kids enjoyed the events including my daughter Bel who wouldn't come out of the spin a story tent!

It was great meeting the talented authors some of which I had heard of to be big names including Joanne Harris,  Justina Robson,  Mark Wright (Dr Who author), and some new faces including Jason Hewitt and Lauren Owen.   Plus some excellent workshops including a Sci fi one from Ian C Douglas. 
There was a very funny event held by Luke Wright - dandy poet.

Visit the Cleckheaton Literary Festival blog above to see reviews (a couple I may repost on here).

So roll on Cleckheaton Literary Festival 2016.

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