Sunday, 31 May 2015

Poltergeist 2015 3D - remake - Review

Went to see the remake of the classic 1982 film last night and as with all remakes I went in with interpretation - some remakes are good and improve on the original - Robocop and some are a waste of time as don't do anything to improve and usually filmed scene by scene which are pointless. 
Sadly Poltergeist falls into the latter category with a couple of modern tweaks to change it slightly (a flying droid/helicopter with camera goes through to the other side to find Maddy.)

Most of the good things about the original are gone from this film - the midget psychic woman, the ghost in white which floats down the stairs.  Also the ending seemed rushed, the original was a slow burner but in this they get maddy out if the other side too soon. 

Also you may notice the name change the girl in the original was Carole-Ann but now it's Madison.  The Freelings are now called the Bowens and the actors do a good job in particular Sam Rockwell as the father.

The special effects are obviously better and the 3D gave good depth, a few things came out but it wasn't anything special. 

In a modern age where there are alot better horror films out like the Insideous films and Paranormal Activity ones and because it followed the original film so closely there wasn't any real scares.

Overall - a remake too far  - watch the original for better chills and character. 

Score  5/10

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