Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Neil - Ghost Hunter

Hi guys

Quick update and sadly hardly written this month will make up for it in November with NanoWrimo - National Writing Month.

Recently been to Blackpool with my daughter to celebrate her 8th birthday and took her to Sea life centre.

Coming up - 2 ghost hunts - like buses - Never have a ghost hunt then 2 within 3 days!  Feel like I should be on Ghost Adventures now - maybe I should pitch a Ghost Adventures UK?

"Since I was a boy I always picked my nose.  I also believed in ghosts from films such as Poltergeist,  Amityville and Ghostbusters 1 and 2, plus Casper.
Now I'm going to sit in the dark talking to myself and videoing the event to catch evidence of the Supernatural. "

Ghost Hunt 1 -
Firstly I'm of tomorrow night at 6:30pm to Cleckheaton Library to see local crime author Patricia Adams-Wright do a talk on her new novel.
As she used to run the West Yorkshire Paranormal Group and it's nearly Halloween she is also doing a Paranormal event at the library.
Looking forward to that.

Ghost Hunt 2 -
This coming Saturday on Halloween as an early birthday present going on an all night ghost hunt at Sheffield Fire and Police Museum!
This should be a 'fun' night whereby I'll be taking spare underwear.  If all goes wrong this may be my last post,
See details of the paranormal event below:,-doncaster,-31st-october-2015.aspx

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