Monday, 12 October 2015

The Martian - Film Review

Went to see 'The Martian' last night which is the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel by Andy Weir.   I've still to read the novel as I'm told it's quite different and has less scenes with NASA trying to figure out how to get Matt Damons character Mark Watney back home after accidently being left for dead on Mars.

It isn't normally a film I would watch at the cinema because I think if you're spending so much money at the cinema then I would rather watch a 'Blockbuster'', like a Marvel movie or Transformers. 

Suffice to say I was gripped from the beginning thanks to the special effects of the NASA equipment and the Mars terrain.   But most notably from the performances from the superb cast, especially Matt Damon as the stranded astronaut and Jeff Daniels as head of NASA.

The film follows Mark's struggle to survive in the harshest of enviroments but through ingenuity and his determination to survive he must find enough food and water to last till the next mission to Mars.

Overall - fantastic atmosphere and Mars-scape and a brilliant performance from Matt Damon as we see his body and mind put to the ultimate test.
Score    9/10

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