Thursday, 18 February 2016

Deadpool - Film Review

Hi guys

Went to see Deadpool film last night and have to admit it's the funniest and crudest Superhero movie that's come out so far.

It's even funnier than Ant-Man which had good gags in yet this goes beyond that with gags about other superhero movies including Wolverine, the X Men films (which this is now part of thanks to the time travelling shenanigans of Days of Future Past.)  Plus Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds own films including taking the piss out of his stint as Green Lantern as he asks the guys who are going to awaken his mutant genes not to put him in an animated green suit.

The film starts taking fun at the superhero genre right at the beginning with the titles including 'English man as the villain'.
It also starts with a great action scene on the motorway with plenty of gags and plenty of violence  (some bit cartoony) and has two X Men join Deadpool to try recruit him - these are Colossus - now all metal CGI and older than the character was in the X Men films plus now with a Russian accent and new mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  

At this point one of my favourite gags is said as Colossus trys to get Deadpool to Professor X, Deadpool says "is it Stewart or McAvoy?".

Here the film goes back to tell how Wade Wilson  (Ryan Reynolds) became Deadpool and meets his girlfriend  Vanessa played by the sexy Morena  Baccarin  (Gotham).
After dating her for a year he proposes but collapses.  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer he accepts an offer from a sinister "Agent Smith" type that can cure his cancer.
He leaves Vanessa to join this secret treatment and told he will become super human.  He meets Ajax  and Angel Dust - two mutants and bad guys who inject him with a mutant serum and torture him to get the gene working.
As Wade near death it works and he develops healing abilities but is greatly scarred by the procedure.  Ajax informs him will be a super slave and if works for him can get his looks back.

To cut a long story short Deadpool goes after Ajax to get his looks back so he can see Vanessa again but after the highway pursuit Ajax kidnaps her which leads to a fun packed show down.

Overall   -  A great tongue in cheek film with loads of Easter Eggs and gags about other movies as well as some gory action and a maximum effort performance from Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the crew.
Go see it!

Score  -  9/10

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