Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Feb 2016 update and Sun Storm

Hi guys

Hope everyone is alright and busy reading or writing or both.

So far this year I've written a couple of pieces - mainly for competitions and sent them off.  I want to write alot more this year though as 2015 was a poor year - I only wrote about two short stories,  a poem and started a novel, although I did blog more for Cleckheaton Literature Festival.

This year I want to finish that novel and by 31st March send 5000 words of it to Good Housekeeping magazine.
I've also sent a poem to Writing Magazine on the theme of the Northern Lights to win a trip to see them though I didn't win.  I wrote it last minute again so wasn't great - ha.
I also entered the Writers and Artists site competition on the theme of age - fingers crossed!

Anyway as the poem didn't win here it is - Sun Storm - enjoy!

Sun Storm

There is a storm a coming
The most powerful one
This Storm is coming
From a million miles gone
The storm is coming from our Sun

There is a storm a coming
It is all around
Invisible to the eye
Except in the northern sky
Yet you can see it from the ground

There is a storm a coming
Such a beautiful sight
The Northern Lights that shine so bright
The green, purple and reds
There is a storm a coming

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