Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Captain America 3 - Civil War - Film Review - Spoilers

Went to see another Hero Vs Hero film the other night and have to say Captain America 3 - Civil War is for me the best Marvel film yet.
The storytelling brings together parts of the 8 year Marvel film history together well and chucks in a few surprises as well mainly concerning Buckys character.

The film starts with a flashback to 1991 which is an important twist to the story.  Thereafter is a spectacular action sequence as Captain America,  Black Widow,  Falcon, Scarlet Witch chase down the criminal Crossbones.
This event kills more civilians which brings about a Sokovia Accord which the Avengers are to sign and be controlled more by the government's of the World.

Whilst at the treaty a bomb kills most including the Wakanda King and Bucky (Winter Soldier) is framed.
Captain America and Falcon decide to help Bucky when they realise he's innocent whilst Tony Stark/Ironman wants Captain to follow the rules.

This brings about alot of tense scenes between the two main heroes who both bring in their pals and builds to a great climax between the two teams of heroes.
The highlights of this includes Antman, the introduction of Black Panther and of course Spiderman. 

The new Spiderman is the best yet and young actor Tom Holland owns the role in the scenes he's in.  There's an innocence about him and even Tony Stark helping him with costume makes sense.  Although still not sure how Tony realises who Spiderman is.
Still like Toby Maguires Spiderman which is weird as main bad guy BaRon Zemo looks like him.  Also noted one of control words used to brainwash Bucky is Homecoming - which is also name of the upcoming Spiderman film - coincidence?

The actors are brilliant in this but too many to mention here most notable Robert Downey Jr,  Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan.

Overall - A fantastic piece of writing and action - the best yet of the Marvel films - go see it.

Score  10/10

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