Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Author Joe Abercrombie Book Signing

Inbetween  the Cleckheaton Literature Festival Weekends I managed to get to Leeds, Waterstones to see Fantasy/Grimdark author Joe Abercrombie.  Sadly it was only a signing and not an Author talk.  Hopefully will see him again in Leeds for an Author talk (or even a future Cleckheaton Literature Festival?).

Although they put these signings on in the middle of  the day when most people are at work. Hope any talk is in the evening.

Anyway was glad I went to see Joe who to me writes gritty realistic fantasy similar to my favourite author David Gemmell and even though I have nearly all of Joes' novels I have to admit I've only read snippets but his First Law Trilogy and standalone novels Best Served Cold and The Heroes plus his new Short story collection  Sharp Ends are next on my reading list and I'm sure he'll become another favourite author.

I have followed his progress through the years and reviews for all his books in SFX and Sci-fi Now magazines have been highly regarded and scored top marks.

So today as I edged my way to the signing table the same thing happened to me as it did in in 2005 when I went to ask David Gemmell a question - nerves.

Oh well I was going to ask at least two questions including his favourite authors but managed to ask if he was writing anymore novels in the First Law World.

Joe answered that yes he is.  He is working on a new trilogy of novels set in the world but wants the novels to be different and act as one story like Lord of the Rings.

So in the meantime I look forward to  Joes new novels and will be busy catching up on his old ones.


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