Friday, 1 April 2016

Batman Vs Superman - 3D Film Review *Spoilers*

Went to see Batman V Superman the other night in 3D at the newly refurbished Showcase cinema at Birstall.  I've got to say it's a vast improvement to the cinema and with it being cheaper than Vue at Halifax the comfy leather recliner chairs got a big thumbs up.

Anyway to the film in question Batman V Superman is a follow up/ continuation of the world set up in Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent.  Even the beginning of the film is set in the final battle in Metropolis between Superman and Zod following Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman as he goes to rescue workers in his building.
Because of this and the power Superman has he sees him as a threat to humanity that needs to be kept in check.  As the film goes on his paranoia and dislike grows stronger.

The story starts properly 18 months after the events of Man of Steel where Superman saves Louis Lane played by Amy Adams from terrorists although this isn't all it seems.  
Superman is set up by Lex Luthor played by Jesse  Eisenberg and people start turning against him.  This causes Bruce Waynes obsession even worse.  Also Clark is wanting to delve into Gothams Batman sightings which are leaving criminals almost dead.
Eventually Lex Luthor learns everything from the Krypronian ship left in Metropolis and creates Doomsday from the body of Zod.
Lex uses the information from the ship to find out who Superman is and sets him off to kill Batman who as stolen a Krypton rock he had.

After a great fight with Batman who gets the upper hand with the Kyrptonite, Superman asks for help and with the destruction Doomsday is creating they also team up with Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot to fight Doomsday.

I thought the 3D was good and enhanced the effects and the action is amazing particular the fight scenes with Batman.
This Batman is more brutal and bitter and Ben Affleck is excellent as both Bruce Wayne and Batman despite objections when he first landed the role.   He could do with more dialogue but it's functional and the dialogue of the film could be expanded but it's fine.
Henry Cavill has improved in his role as Superman although we don't get enough of him as Clark.

It is obvious the film is taken from some of the classic graphic novels/animation including "Death of Superman" storyline which has him fighting Doomsday.  "The Dark Knight Returns" which sees a older Batman fighting Superman, and even "All Star Superman" which sees Superman nuked and using the Sun to recover but takes in too much.  There was a great scene from this in the film.

All in all the movie is very good and starts setting up the Justice League film with glimpses of Flash and Aquaman, but as Wonder Woman is in the film more she could have been in longer and her reason for being there could have been clearer.
Also Jesse Eisenbergs performance of Lex Luthor is good as he's crazy but can be slightly annoying.
Also side characters aren't in enough and some big stars are reduced to cameos including Laurence Fishburnes Perry White and Jeremy Irons as Alfred.

The main bug bare for me was how close Metropolis and Gotham are.  They are only over a river from each other and for two big cities to be so close doesn't make sense or ring true to me.

Overall  - a great film and historic one as it brings Superman and Batman on film together for the first time and opens up a wider DC world which I look forward to seeing.  Plus Ben Affleck's Batman is my favourite yet.

Score      9/10

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