Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Cleckheaton Literature Festival, Reading, Shannara and odd socks

Hi guys

Haven't posted in a while but April is turning out to be a busy month.

Firstly :
The 2016 Cleckheaton Literature Festival which I help with is starting tomorrow - get yourself to Cleckheaton Library ASAP.

With favourites returning from last year including  journalist Andy Kershaw,  authors Jason Hewitt,  Leigh Russell,  Alison Taft,  Ian C Douglas,  Mark Wright to name but a few.

They will be joined by Cleck Fest newbies Mark Connors,  A Firm of Poets, and James Nash and more for Author talks, poetry performances,  Nordic walks and more.

See the Website:

And book tickets at:

Other news:
Hitched up a tent in Camp Nano but not written much - hope to do few thousand words by end of month as well as blogging  - fingers crossed.

Almost finished reading the excellent "Magicians Gambit " by David Eddings - review to follow soon.

Enjoying The Chronicles of Shannara at the moment which I enjoy more than Game of Thrones and glad it's been renewed for a second series /season.
Also loving Gotham too liking the Riddlers story and hope Jerome /Joker? Comes back.

Also preparing for a wedding on 30th April.  Also hope to restart the gym - fingers and toes crossed.

Plus I loads of odd socks - the sock fairy has been busy!

Well folks chat soon x

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