Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Conjuring 2 - Film Review

Unexpectedly went to the cinema to see the sequel to 2013 horror The Conjuring. It has had good reviews and I missed my X Men film and Turtles film to watch it.  I'm glad I went.

The film reunites Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (Orphan) as Ed and Lorraine Warren - real life paranormal investigators from the seventies as they investigate the famous or infamous Enfield Poltergeist in a based on a true story film.

The Warrens not only have to help the Hodgson family who are terrorised by the spirit of Bill an old man who lived there but a demon who is following them from the Amityville case.

The movie is very good and there is a good atmosphere.   It also has some good jumpy bits too and the Crooked Man which is from as old nursery rhyme.

Overall - loved the film very scary in parts and had me and the audience juming at certain parts.   The child acting is also good.  Only thing that put me off is that Patrick Wilson is in the similar Insidious films so can sometimes think "what film am I watching ".
Also as some people believe that it was a hoax or some of it was put me off.

Score  -  9/10  - one of the scariest films of recent years.

Fact  - the Warrens did investigate the Enfield case albeit only briefly for about a day.
Is the Enfield house haunted?
Peggy Hodgson lived in the house till her death and believed it to be hearing strange noises.  Her son Billy lived with her to the end.
After Peggy died a Clare Bennett and her four sons moved in not realising it was the famous Enfield house.  She always felt watched and her sons would be woken by voices downstairs.   She found out about the history and last straw came when a figure of a man walked into her sons room.  They moved out the next day after just two months.  Eek.

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