Monday, 6 June 2016

Update, blogs and Joe Hill

Hi guys

Long time no blog been a hectic month - what with work, reading and swimming to name a few things I've been doing.

First off I've still been blogging steadily for Cleckheaton Literature Festival and reviewing the events that were on.

I've also been reading David Eddings "Castle of Wizardry ", book Four of The Belgariad series.   A classic fantasy series and we'll worth reading.

I've also got a blocked ear which has been doing my nut in .  I got it after going swimming snd the ear drops not working.   Looks like a trip to Doctors in order.

TV show wise the shows that have stopped be reading and writing lately have been Chronicles of Shannara,  Magicians,  Gotham - which is really good at the moment and love the cool Doctor Strange.   Also Agents of Shield  has been great although we may never see my lookalike again - Wade/Hive.

So coming up -

Working on my Bad Fairy Tales - updated classics I am starting to write including  "Bad Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and "The Ginger Badman".  These were inspired by a workshop at Cleckheaton Literature Festival lead by Sci fi author  Justina Robson.

I've also to get going on my novels plus a story or two for the Cleckheaton Writers Group Anthology which we are planning.   Think the deadline is August?

Plus continuing with Cleckheaton Literature Festival blog.

Maybe some Freelance work too?

Lastly this Friday 10 June I am of to Waterstones in Leeds to see a famous author who is big at the moment -   Joe Hill - who's novel "Horns" was adapted into a film with Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe.
He has also written "Heart  Shaped Box" and "Locke and Keyes".
His new novel "The Fireman " is out now,
Plus he's the next best thing to having Stephen King as he's Stephens son!

So blog soon guys - stay safe. X

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