Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A new easier way to publish? Social Publishing

Here is a great idea that bypasses the Publishers and lets reader choose if a book should be published -  check it out from the Writing Magazine site!

Let people power get you published with Social Publishing

Social Publishing
Bringing the power of publishing to the people
A new publishing platform gives readers the chance to influence which books are released.
Social Publishing is a new publishing company which aims to merge traditional publishing with social media. Rather than sending the first three chapters of your completed novel to a publisher, upload them to the Social Publishing platform for free.
Readers of the site then vote for the manuscripts that they wish to see published. This allows Social Publishing to publish books which might slip through the net of a traditional publisher, including more diverse genres and characters.
Social Publishing professionally edit and produce books in both ebook and paperback formats and release them on a variety of platforms including Amazon, Kobo, Apple and others.

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