Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sept Update - New Name - New Focus - CLF and more

Hi peeps

I haven't done an update for a while just book and film reviews but there are a few changes.

As you may or may not have noticed I've changed the blog name from Neil''s World of Wonder to the more appropriate Neil''s Writing World.

The reason for the change is that I want more focus on my writing and need to be more dedicated to being a writer.  I admit I've been lazy this year and haven't even written one short story!  I think I needed a break but will be back writing soon.

As well as writing more I intend to blog more for you guys and hope to add more followers.

So what have I been doing instead of writing?
Well I've recently come back from a holiday in sunny Skegness.
I've also started keep fit and finished a four week fat loss challenge and started at the work gym.
I've also been reading more this year and half way through David Eddings Belgariad series.

Sad news - I also attended and blogged some events of this year's Cleckheaton Literature Festival - although it was agreed in July that it was to finish.   This is sad news for the Library,  readers and Authors alike.  Apologies for this late news.  Although the CWG (Cleckheaton Writers Group) hope to hold one off events.
I will also reshare some of those CLF blog posts along with some new ones here on this blog.

More sad news - Sadly in the wisdom of council cuts the opening times for Cleckheaton Library have reduced so now this could impact the Writing group for members who work.
Although CWG meetings are still fortnightly starting Monday 5 September the time will be 5:30pm - 7pm.

Writing projects - I will be starting two short stories soon - the first being an horror story for the planned CWG Anthology.
The second will be an adult fairytale for Writing Magazine competition with the deadline of October 14.
Also need to decide which novel to finish - the crime novel Blood Shores or the Sci Fi Wormhole Effect!

I've also aquired even more books to read including a signed copy of Wolf's Head by Steven A McKay and a signed copy of Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill along with a new Robin Hobb book, Peter Jame's The House on Cold Hill,  Helen Cadbury's To Catch A Rabbit, the complete First Law books of Joe Abercrombie and James Bond Spectre Novels by Ian Fleming and Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz.
So I've even more to read!
I hope as the winter months draw nearer as well as being at the gym I hope to read and write more as well as blog.  The last quarter of 2016 is going to be busy!
So will blog soon folks and here's a photo of my new books.

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