Sunday, 23 October 2016

Book Review - Enchanters' End Game by David Eddings

Read the final part of David Eddings excellent and expansive epic The Belgariad and what a book it is.
For me it was my favourite of the series as the action is non stop and huge involving the movement of vast armies and the conclusion of Garion fighting and defeating the evil God Torak.

It has been a long journey for Garion and his friends as he left his farm as a skullery boy going onto becoming a sorcerer and King and guardian of the East.

The characters have been engaging and real even the secondary ones and the set pieces magnificent.   The book as well as being a suitable end leaves threads open for the sequel series The Malleron.

Overall -  a fitting end to an epic JRR Tolkien would be proud of and dare I say it I found it more fun to read than The Lord Of The Rings.  David Eddings did a fantastic job of keeping a huge story in place and consistent. 

Score  -  10/10

The Belgariad Series overall -  The series is a true epic which has a wide range of creatures, a believable magic system and multiple religion's and David Eddings obviously spent a lot of time and love creating a vast working world including the lands, religions, history and characters. 
I look forward to eventually reading the sequel series The Malleron eventually once I've saved up for another five books.
I'm just annoyed I had the books twenty years and only just read them.

Belgariad series score    9/10

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