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Ken Macleod ScI if Talk - 27 October 2016

Hi guys

Last week I attended the above Sci Fi talk from acclaimed Scottish Sci Fi author Ken Macleod with fellow CWG writer Karen.  This was part of Scifest Yorkshire and was a collaboration between Kirklees council and Huddersfield University.

Ken has written numerous Science Fiction including  The Fall Revolution series and Engines of Light trilogy.
His new novel The Corporation Wars: Dissidence is out now and copies were available to buy.

Ken gave us an insight into his writing,  his love of Sci Fi and asked the audience if they wanted to be Sci Fi authors as you had to read a lot and love it.

Sadly on this event I didn't write any notes down as was (supposedly) recording it on phone as I did with the Alastair Reynolds and Peter F Hamilton Event I went to a few weeks ago - just to write notes on that night!

So it was a tech vs traditional competition in which traditional note taking won as luckily Karen noted it down in a note book and I sadly only recorded five minutes.   Gutted as was over an hour.

Anyway here's a few bits -

  • Ken feels a beginning of a story is very important. 
  • He used to be an IT programmer
  • Ken suggests starting a small plot then expanding it making more complicated as you go along and adding to it.
  • Ken advises to always keep a notebook so you can jot ideas down.  He shared one from his notebook. 
  • HG Wells was the daddy and from him after War of the World's and The Time Machine there were loads more alien invasion and time travel stories written by other authors who do different things to them.
  • When submitting get it right first time and Writers and Artists Yearbook is a valuable source of Publishers and Agents. 
Sadly because of recording not recording can't give as much info as I want.

Luckily Karen wrote some great notes and has a blog so you can read a fuller account of the event here:


I will return! 

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