Saturday, 17 December 2016

Book Review - The Infinity Trap by Ian C Douglas

Like JK Rowlings Harry Potter novels,  The Infinity Trap by Ian C Douglas is a book for all ages.  Aimed at teens it is also a book adults can enjoy.  It takes you on an exciting adventure on Mars and is a roller coaster of a ride.

The story of Zeke Hailey starts as he arrives to go to Mars to join a school for psychics although he is there in dubious circumstances as he cheated his exam to get there.
Zeke needs to go to find out what happened to his dad, who joined years before and became a Mariner.  Then his Dad was sent to outer space with most of the other mariner's.

Once on Mars at the school called the Chasm there is more going on that just bullying and psychic lessons!

With a great supporting cast including rich friend Scuff and Pin-mei,  it also offers good antagonists to hate.

The book is well paced and action packed with great set-pieces.  Also the dialogue sparkles and rings true.  It also throws in a few curve balls.  Some characters aren't what they seem.

It also features some fun future technology plus aliens and an alien language.
The world building of the future is spot on which I knew it would be as Ian has given two great world building workshops over the last two years at Cleckheaton library.

Plus the book finishes with more questions to ponder including:
Why don't the mariner's come back?
What is the creature in the abandoned observation post?
Plus many more.

Overall -  A fun sci-fi adventure for children of all ages blending Harry Potter, Doctor Who and more.  Well written and fast paced with well timed cliffhangers that have you wanting more.  Only complaint is it's too short.

Score  -   10/10

Author Ian C Douglas signing at previous years Cleckheaton Literature Festivals

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