Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas Readers, Writers and geeks

Hi guys

Just a quick post to wish any followers I have left a Merry Christmas and anyone else interested.

Well tomorrow is the (anti) climax of all the rushing around, stressing, getting skint and merry.  A time when ol big red will have been and emptied his sacks and kids everywhere big and small will be opening their presents.

Then later in the day everyone over indulges in food and snacks and the adults drink too much.  Yep you've got to love Xmas.  The kids love it.  It just goes too fast.

Hopefully you will all be receiving what you asked for from books, kindles, sci-fi movies and boxsets.
The writers out there will hopefully be writing whilst everyone else has fallen asleep after dinner then looking forward to the most important part of Xmas day - Doctor Who!

Tomorrow will be one day closer to the end of 2016 which has been a jinx year for celebrities and a lot of others too.
It is also the year that gave us Brexit - so next year we are in unknown territory for the UK.
It also brought us Trump winning the presidential election in America so there might not be a 2017.

Anyway hope you all have a fun and probably drunken Xmas day.

I was going to share a Christmas story but only came to me two days ago so will hopefully share next year.

Merry Xmas


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