Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Happy Nanowrimo

Hi guys

Hope you're all well and busy writing as it's the first day of National Writing Month.
As you writers will know the aim is to achieve 50,000 words written on a novel in November.

Sadly I am behind due to other life issues and not finishing my notes on my Nano but will be up and writing soon.
As I've never finished writing 50,000 words I think I will aim for a more realistic 20,000 to 25,000 words which is better than nothing- wish me luck.

So once I've done more on my planning I will start by weekend.

My story is set in the future where humans are colonizing distant worlds although there is a religious group which tries to stop these Colony ships from leaving called Earthers.  They believe we should stay on Earth no matter what as God put us there.

So Defending the Colony ships is Captain Banks and his rag tag crew in their ship - Defender.  Once the Colony ship has left for deep space and the Earthers have retreated to their last hideout ironically in the moon Captain Bank's crew can enjoy some downtime.
Although President O'Hare wants them to head out to Colony X - the tenth colony which settled in a more isolated area of Space.
So Captain Banks must again gather his crew and set off to investigate not knowing one of his crew is a murderer and something deadly and sinister awaits them.
Is it a trap?

Hope you like the idea and yes I realise I should be actually writing instead of blogging.
But Nano I will catch thee up!

If any of you are doing Nano and want to add me my Nano name is Neilxuk!

Leave any comments below.

Enjoy x

P.s.  Yep Captain Banks is named after acclaimed sci fi author Iain M Banks and President O'Hare after the Captain on the first season of Babylon 5 which starts November 13th on Pick.

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