Sunday, 22 April 2018

Book Review - Bones in the Nest by Helen Cadbury

Hi guys

It has been a while since I did a book review - well over six months as I started this novel six months ago in October 2017.
Although I started it at a bad time as my step dad was ill then passed away.  Then there was Xmas and a  change of start time at work hasn't helped.  I think because I started it at a bad time it took longer to complete as Helen has written a very good book and it only has 349 pages!

The second Sean Denton book starts with the murder of a young Muslim man in Doncaster on the Chasebridge estate.  Is it racial or is there more to it?

Sean Denton has now fully joined the police force as a PC and is in this book more than the first where we learn more about his family and meet his alcoholic dad.  He is also trying to leave his Nan's house and get his own flat.

Again this book is split between Doncaster and York.  The York chapters are from the POV of Chloe Toms who has been released from prison and is really someone else connected to Chasebridge.
It's these chapters that slightly let the book down as the POV seems to be first person yet is also third person which is weird and took longer to get into.

Overall a very entertaining crime book with new and old characters and a good continuation of the sadly short series which concludes with the next book Chase to the Kill.

Although not sure I should read that next as missing my Fantasy and Sci fi.   I will have read the third book by the end of this year as want to see where Helen was taking Sean.

Score    -    8/10  - slightly let down by some POV.

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