Thursday, 3 May 2018

May Already! Need to Spring into action!

Hi Folks!

Hope your all good. Reading and writing well?

Camp Nano in April was a disaster as I didn't even start anything although I had good intentions life got in the way.

This will definitely be the month I get back into writing and I'm going to use the upcoming Bank Holiday to springboard me into it.

I keep saying I will write and never do but I'm determined to do some.  I've been thinking if I'm to become a writer then need to act ASAP as time goes so fast.  I can't believe it has been three years since I helped with the first and excellent Cleckheaton Literature Festival in 2015.

This event was great for my writing as well as being able to mingle with authors including Joanne Harris, Leigh Russell,  Helen Cadbury, Alison Taft and Ian C Douglas to name drop a few.  It's a shame we don't hold one this year at Cleckheaton Library.

At least I've finished reading the great Bones in the Nest and can now read some Fantasy and get my TBR pile down.

Although have been watching too many Netflix shows including The New Legends of Monkey which is a reboot of the excellent Monkey tv show I watched as a kid.

Think I will do some TV reviews on my blog also.

Will have a few film reviews to share soon including the excellent Avengers: Infinity War!

Well speak soon fellow geeks x

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