Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bloody Sunday

Well here is the first short story I did in years - wrote this in 2008 for SFX short story competition
hope you like - it's also quite a Halloween theme to it!  Enjoy.

Danny Fox looked into the cracked mirror and sighed.  He saw the dark rings around his eyes covered in tears.  He looked tired and unshaven as he combed his long black hair.  Why had Sarah slept with an old mate of his then kicked him out of their flat.  He thought she was happy with him but now he was in a house share with three people he didn’t know or particularly like.  Yet he had no choice as he didn’t earn enough money for anything else.
He wiped his eyes, which were now blood shot and turned to the toilet door.  His mates Harry and Steven were waiting for him in the bar.  They were his best friends and had taken him out to cheer him up.  Although all they had talked about since they came out were the local killing’s which had happened recently.

Danny walked into the lounge area of his local and saw his mates instantly.  It was probably because it was so small thought Danny but he enjoyed the atmosphere and realised he hadn’t been for months, mainly because Sarah didn’t like it, maybe the broken window put her off or the fact that she would rather go clubbing in town. 

“Pal, Are you alright” asked a concerned Harry as Danny strolled out of the toilets.
“Yeah I think so” Danny replied.
“Get a few pints in you and you’ll be fine” called Steven.
After five minutes Danny returned to the table with three pints in hand.
“It will take time but you’ll be fine. Were here for you” announced Harry.  Danny looked up at Harry and saw his usual big grin on his chubby face, which supported his glasses.  He then glanced at Steven who was rolling a cigarette in his skinny fingers. Steven was so skinny thought Danny.

“So what you think about last night’s killing Dan.  Apparently it was really gruesome, the old couple ended up all over the house” said Steven.
“Haven’t really thought about it to be honest.  Just thinking of Sarah. Would have been together four years next week”.
“Mulder here has a theory that it could be some beast or werewolf”. Steven pointed to Harry who was necking his pint.
Danny smiled as he looked at Harry.
Somehow they were best friends, but so different.  Danny liked the pub, football and sports.
Harry liked the pub but that was all. He was more interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror.  He read it, watched it and even had joined some Fantasy game clubs. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since Danny knew him.
“So how did you come to this conclusion” asked Danny.
“Well” started Harry then inhaled a big gulp of air.  “I double checked the calendar and every time one of the grisly murders occurs there is a full moon.  Also the nature of the killings is puzzling.  People are saying some of the bodies are partly eaten”
“It’s probably some Hannibal Lector wannabe” replied Danny.

After six or seven pints plus numerous shots of Vodka Redbull and a couple of tequila shots for good measure Danny was now ready to leave the small pub.  Sarah had now become a blurred memory as he chatted to and caught up with his old friends.
“Oh bugger it’s Sunday isn’t it?” slurred a drunk Danny.
“Yep, all one hour of it. It’ll be chucking out time in a bit” replied Steven.  “I’m off now lads.  I’ll text you both tomorrow about next Saturday OK”, with that Steven stumbled up off his chair and walked out of the door.

Ten minutes later Danny and Harry had followed him out and had started walking home.  It was a nice clear night and the stars shone bright.
“Well pal, I’ll see you at dinner tomorrow.  I’m off to that awful house share to sleep in a tiny box room”.
“So you don’t like it there then” asked Harry.
“Nope, it’s overpriced and the three flatmates are too quiet.  They hardly speak.  Mind you only been there just over a week.  How about you move from your mum’s and we get a bachelor pad?
“Maybe if I save up” replied Harry.  “Well here’s my house, see ya later”.
With that Harry started walking up his path.
“Be careful Harry, It’s a full moon” Danny shouted after him.

As Danny walked, or rather stumbled, on the lonely road he realised he was more drunk than he thought and the shots had started to kick in.
Danny started giggling to himself thinking of Harry’s serious face as he spoke off werewolf’s killing people.  He’s seen too many films thought Danny.

After a while Danny arrived at his destination and started fumbling with his keys at the door.  Eventually he managed to open it, shut it, lock it, drop his key then reach for the light in the landing. 
There was something wet on the switch but the light didn’t come on anyway.
Damn thought Danny, then his next thought was for food, a tasty snack to soak up the alcohol so he wouldn’t feel so bad at work in the morning.
He heard a bang upstairs. One of the house share guys he thought, probably Tim, he’s always up late going to the toilet.
He dismissed checking upstairs as he needed the kitchen badly and opened the door to the living room.

Confronted with darkness he again scrambled for the light switch.  Again it was wet but nothing was thought of it until the light went on.

What Danny saw left him in a state of shock and disbelief.  He immediately began to wretch at what was in front of him. 
The people he shared with were all over the room – in pieces. 
Bits of them were on the walls as was blood.  The furniture and floor was also drenched in blood, with large pools here and there.  Large parts of the torsos had what look liked huge bite marks in them.  Danny could hardly recognise legs and arm’s as they were almost all eaten.

Danny also saw Tim’s head staring up at him a few feet in front – his face looked wide eyed with horror and pale plus there was nothing attached to it except part of his neck.

It took a few minutes for Danny to get his composure and register what had happened and he immediately sobered up when he saw on a pine and blood coloured coffee table a still hot drink with swirls of hot air rising up to the ceiling.

Whatever has happened has only just occurred thought Danny.  Then he froze as he heard another bang from upstairs, but now it sounded on top of the stairs.
Straining his ears to hear better Danny could make out a snorting sniffing sound.  The kind a dog makes only louder.
Realising it would be mad to turn round and try for the front door, Danny started to make for the kitchen for the back door.

Treading as carefully and quietly as possible Danny started to make his way to the kitchen door.  This was quite difficult to do as his trainers kept getting stuck onto the blood on the floor.
As he was almost at the kitchen door Danny heard a blood curdling howl and what sounded like something big jumping down the stairs.
Danny ran to the kitchen and shut the door behind him.
The lights were already on in this room and he dashed over to the back door – locked.  He hadn’t been given a key for the back door.

His instinct for survival took over as he grabbed a kitchen knife and went back to the door to listen out for anything.
I cannot believe this thought Danny.  After winding Harry up about his werewolf theory he might be right after all only it’s happening to me.

As he stood listening his concentration was broke by the door banging almost of its hinges.  Something large was behind the door and Danny could now hear growling and snarling.
He rushed to the door to try to hold off whatever was on the over side.  It was all in vain after the door pushed inwards a couple of times Danny was thrown to the floor.

Everything happened so fast.  Before he knew it there was a large snarling set of teeth over his face.

It was the last thing Danny Fox saw.

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