Sunday, 30 October 2011


Missed doing the above last year but this November I will definately be joining the following site:-
The aim is to write as much of a novel - goal of 50,000 words throughout November and keep the site updated on your progress and update snippets to share with other writers.
It dosen't matter about quality it's just to get you writing as much as possible to get you used to writing novel length material!

So I will be busy doing this in November - not sure if will get up to 50,000 words so going to have a personal target of between 25,000 to 30,000 words - wish me luck!

I will be posting some on here for you to check out as well as my other short storys!


  1. The very best of luck with NaNoWriMo - I think it is a great idea to set yourself a personal word count target, as having to write 50K makes me and I am guessing you, very nervous. I am also doing NaNoWriMo with the novel that I'm working on at the moment, so maybe we could encourage each other during November? Really pleased that all of our writers group members have a blog now. Maybe you could post the details of the others on your site, like I did on mine? The more traffic we all get, the better.

  2. Just wondering what your word count is now we have got to day four? I am at 7,857 which isn't too shabby I think!