Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Writing World

Well got to admit this blogging is addictive even though no one may be reading it!
Just re-read Bloody Sunday which I just put on and realise why it didn't win - didn't spot them at the time but there are alot of spelling and grammatical errors - oh well trial and error mrs!

I used to write alot when I was younger before and during my teens even started my own comic for about 15 issues but then didn't write as much once I started going out and learnt about the opposite sex - lol.

The last four or five years though I seemed to have loads of good ideas pop into my head so started writing short stories again - mainly for competitions for magazines and for the annual Calderdale Council short story competition!

Talking of which without the Calderdale Writers Workshops I have been attending the last couple of times I wouldn't have been as motivated as I have and I also picked up some good writing tips.  It was good to actually meet authors and publishers albeit small to medium ones but publishers all the same!
At the last Writers Workshop at Halifax Libarary which was held Saturday 8th October I met Karen who holds a twice monthly Writers Group at Cleckheaton which I hope will help me to improve my writing, give me motivation and it's also good to meet new writers!

With this Blog I am hoping to put my stories on in chronilogical order and hopefully you will see an improvement by the end - happy reading!

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