Monday, 3 February 2014

CWG Meeting 3/1/14

Hi guys

Well JaNoWiMo has finished now and although haven't finished the Total Futures Trilogy I am half way through - mid way on 2nd story.  Hope to finish this this week.

Tonight enjoyed the CWG meeting and was a very full meeting - with our two newest members Andy and Vicky in attendance plus the usual Dawn, Karen, Laura, John - only people missing was Pauline and Sarah.

Firstly we had a catch up of our WIP with myself, Laura and Dawn updating how we did on JaNo with Laura and Dawn finishing full drafts.  Dawn wrote hers long hand and is typing up on Schriver program which she will review for us soon.
Andy is busy writing a few short stories and working on a children's novel and looking into Kindle publishing.
Karen is working on Spacecakes with a view to converting to script.
Vicky is working on her short story she started at the meeting last time and John has been too busy but promises to write something soon.

We also gave feedback on Laura and Karen's work - they bot sent us 3 chapters of their current works - the feedback was good and next time Andy and myself will be supplying what we've done for feedback - eek.

For a writing challenge we all did different things from quotes from a creative writing book.

Mine was - Gunboat loading Ammo at a dock. - see below

For this I decided to do a Vietnam story for a change - like to mix up different styles although didn't finish it and may do something with it in future although you don't see many Vietnam Novels around anymore - maybe it's a slight niche to get into?  I also tried to channel Full Metal Jacket and the nutty Sergeant.

Gunboat Vietnam Style

The Private fumbled with the chain of ammunition as he was loading it into the automatic machine gun positioned at the back of the boat.  He cursed under his breath.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sergeant Buck staring at him.  His eyes were wide and Private Alex could even see the Sergeants veins raised up and pulsating at the temples and the forehead.  This wasn’t good.
“Fuck sake soldier you trying to blow us up before the Viet-cong do?”
“No. Sorry,”
“No. Sorry what?”
“No. Sorry Sir,”
“How did you get in the US Army soldier?”
Private Alex was put on the spot, not knowing what to reply.  This would have consequences.  He knew Sergeant Buck had a bad reputation for being an hard ass and punishing new recruits.  The Sergeant had only just arrived in Vietnam from a US Marine training academy.
“What’s up soldier you deaf as well as dumb?”
“No . . . .sir,”
“Soldier can’t you hold that ammunition?  I bet its bigger than the cock your Mama gave you?”

At that moment the sound of an explosion ripped through an awkward silence.

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  1. It was a good meeting and your story from the challenge has legs, hope to hear more. Scrivener sounds good, think we all could make use of it. Be good to hear your trilogy when completed.....keep writing :)