Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Film 2014 Reviews with Barry Norman (or Neil Walker)

Good Evening Movie lovers tonight I have 2 movies reviews to share with you all - First up is
RoboCop (2014)

The Original Robocop from 1987 has to be one of my all time favourite movies - with it's heavy mix of swearing and ultra violence I still enjoyed it - even though was 15 when first saw the 18 cert film - naughty me.  Looking back the special effects are still good although some ED 209's looked bit dodgy it has to be a classic with memorable quotes "I'd buy that for a dollar" to the adverts it showed - Nuke Em - the family game for all.  The acting was spot on and I enjoyed the psyco baddie best Clarence Boddiker.
Robocop 2 couldn't live up to the original although is still very good and Robocop 3 - bit rubbish especially as the edge has gone and was a PG.
When this film was announced as a 12A I groaned and a vision of a flying Robocop came to mind but as it happens I really enjoyed the film and it shows how we are more accustomed to violence now compared to around 20 years ago as it is quite gory with blood splats and body parts - only thing missing is the swearing which this film doesn't need.
Again focusing on Alex Murphy played brilliantly by Joel Kinnaman it shows us the viewpoint more this film of his family and how they are affected as well as him by being blown to bits.
With fantastic supporting cast from Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Micheal Keaton to name but a few it left me very entertained and quite thought provoking of a society ruled by greed and kept under check by robots.   A theme similar to my Total Futures trilogy.
Jackie Earle Haley was also good as Mattock an arms specialist who had an agrievance with Robo.
The special effects were fantastic and instead of the adverts of the original there was a news/debate show hosted by Mr Jackson which was cynical and only told the audience what they wanted to tell - bit like news today lol.
Overall - fantastic - hope there is a sequel as good as this but no flying Robocop.

Verdict - Dead or Alive you get 9/10

A place where people do the same thing and expected to do what they told is a theme in my short stories and Robocop and was surprised to see it in the next movie I saw with my daughter - yep it's Lego Movie

Yep saw this Monday with my Daughter was very good film - Bel and myself chuckled at a few things and couldn't stop singing everything is awesome - the song all the normal lego figures sing when going to work.
It focuses on Emmet an ordinary Lego character who finds himself destined for bigger things - I had to laugh when he was going to work and in queues to get everywhere and everyone buying expensive coffee - reminded me of my way to work in Leeds - everyone does the same!
The voice cast and animation are fantastic - the plot not great and I didn't like the ending where he (spoilers) came to our world - seemed like they ran out of ideas!

But a fun movie

Verdict  very good despite dodgy ending  7/10

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