Thursday, 6 March 2014

Misc - 3/3/14 CWG Meeting

Hi Folks

Hope you all fine - got to admit not written much in last 2 weeks except to finish part 2 in my Total Futures trilogy PIN ID - HEAD - which along with Razorblade Symphony got good response from the CWG guys who read them over the last weekend.

Although due to feedback the initial ideas and stories are going to change alot.
Razorblade Symphony got very good response just to tweak it which I will over weekend and then post - this will be a standalone story which I admit didn't really connect to the theme I wanted.

PIN ID-Head - this is a story from a woman's POV which I was told was very good and nailed a womans voice which I'm glad about but the actual theme/story is bigger than a blog type layout.  So this will stay as a woman's blog but the theme will change and become sinister scary tale.
The actual theme - a thriller what could happen in the future conspiracy theory which I won't divulge I will try to turn into a novel which will also have parts of my third story I was planning for the trilogy Chip in Da Block.

So after I finished the 2 standalone stories and shared with you I will start on the novel - unfortunatley I think Wormhole Effect will be on hold till this is written but will be a harder story to tell than Wormhole as that was a fairly basic adventure story - watch this space - things may change - lol.

On a positive note my writing was received well and we had a good meet on Monday at CWG - Dawn shared an extract of her story which was very good.  We all gave updates of what we were working on and future writing events.

So see you soon guys x

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