Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hi guys

Just a quick update - haven't written much yet been full of cold/flu so will get back to it soon - although I hope I better for Saturday as going to the Huddersfield Literature Festival !!

I have booked to see - Meet the Agent - a chance to meet two Editors/ Agents.

Also booked for the Celebration of the Life and works of Iain Banks 2pm till 7pm - although not read any of his works am familiar with his sci fi and crime novels and will lean me towards being a fan - another big draw for me going to this is that Agent and script doctor John Jarrold will be there - he is a big name in sci fi and fantasy and has been an agent or worked with the likes of Iain Banks, Terry Brooks, Orson Scott Card and my favourite author David Gemmell !!  Among many others.  Hope to get to meet him.

Anyway everyone enjoy the sun.


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