Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hero by L L Anderson - E-Book review


Description: John Porter died a hero, and he’s never regretted anything more. Trapped as a ghost, he watches the people he left behind fall apart without him. When the reason behind his family’s woes becomes clear, John vows that he will have his revenge - even if that means killing the source of all his pain and regret. 

Gavin Tisdale copes with his best friend’s death by throwing himself into his work. He won’t give up on the murder investigation John started until he’s caught the killer. But Gavin’s obsession with the past will have to wait – there’s a more immediate danger rising that threatens him and the ones he loves. 

Not-so-sweet sixteen year old Mandy Porter has no time for heroes – especially not her dad, John. This girl is all out for herself, no matter what it takes. But she’s playing a dangerous game and she may not make it out alive…

Hi Guys

I was always againest E-books/Kindles/Kobo's ect as prefer the printed book - the nice smell of print and the feel of the paper but now working in Leeds couldn't face carrying around a bulky book especially ones I tend to get - although never read.
Some people do take printed books on their journeys and I think in future I will but for convience I uploaded the above E-book onto my Kindle app on my smart phone - and boy am I glad I did.

I can now say I've read a book this year unlike last year and it's something I wouldn't normally get - at first thinking it to be a general crime book I thought why not try it - to be a writer you need to read all genres I've been told - so imagine my surprise when in the first chapter the main character John Porter dies saving a kid from a car explosion!!

It's a very pacey book with twists and turns and the ghosts and afterlife element to it makes it different from more conventional crime thrillers and also believable too - the set up of the afterlife works very well - the characters the story follow are believable too and I like how the book has many POV's - from John, his life police partner Gavin, John's daughter Mandy and many more.

Summary - a very good read - one I couldn't put down and read within a month - which is especially good as the book was free - lol.  Would recommend it to crime and supernatural genre fans.

Score - 9/10


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  1. Good review and book sounds good. How did you find it for free on Kindle? Amazon says it's £2.50.