Tuesday, 18 March 2014

CWG Meet - Monday 17th March

Hi folks

How are you?  Well not done much writing but been busy with writing/reading related events including last nights Cleckheaton Writers Group.

Was a good meet although was only myself, Dawn and Andy but we made the most of it - we updated each other on our WIP - myself - not done much although been to two events at Huddersfield Literature Festival which I updated Dawn and Andy on - these events I will share with you shortly here if my internet dosen't stop freezing - grr.
Andy had been editing his childrens book he started years ago Billy Turner - Flights of Fancy.
Dawn hadn't done much on The Grobble which she had started but had written a short poem which she shared with us which I enjoyed especially the imagery although noted it didn't rhyme.
There was then a discussion as to whether Poetry should rhyme - myself and Andy for it.

Andy also shared a very funny short story - his werewolf take on Interview with a Vampire - which didn't work out as you would thing for the main characters - the dialogue was excellent.

Myself and Dawn shared our experience of HLF with Andy as Dawn was a steward throughout most events.
Dawn also shared her experience of the Leeds Trinity Writers Festival which she enjoyed most of although had different views with one of the tutors.

All in all a good meeting.


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