Thursday, 18 June 2015

Book Review - Leigh Russell - Cold Sacrifice

I bought Cold Sacrifice before the Cleckheaton Literary Festival to review and get signed by Leigh.   It isn’t the book she is signing in the photo that is her latest DI Geraldine Steel novel Killer Plan which I shall read after the others in the series.
After over a decade of hiding away from the Crime and Thriller Genre to concentrate on Fantasy and Sci-fi I thought it would be a good reintroduction to Crime to read this.  It will also benefit me as I’m writing a crime novel at the moment.
What a great start to the crime genre, as it had me hooked from the opening page and is an easy read where the pages fly by.  It is one of the fastest books I have read.  There is plenty of action and the setting and characters are well rounded and real.  Even the secondary characters have life in them which can be tricky to pull off.
The story follows DS Ian Peterson in his first adventure on his own.  These books are spin offs from the Geraldine Steel books.  He is on the trail of a killer and it looks a clear case of the husband murdering his wife to get her inheritance but soon he has a dodgy alibi and more bodies pile up.
I loved Ian Peterson and felt sorry for him being married to his wife Bev as his work are driving a wedge between them.   I won’t spoil too much but infidelity is in the air.
The only problem I had with the novel was the Husband and main suspect has the same name as my late Granddad Henry Martin!  So that was weird.
Overall a fantastic read and ☆SPOILERS☆ I hope the people really behind the murders feature in a future book and are brought to justice.   I will be getting the next DI Ian Peterson book as soon as possible and I urge any crime fan to take a look.
Score 10/10

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