Sunday, 28 June 2015

Film review - Minions 3D


Took my daughter to see Minions yesterday.   The prequel to the excellent and very funny Despicable Me films it switches focus on Gru's yellow Minion friends.  
It shows their evolution from single celled yellow organisms up to how they are now.  Their main purpose in life is to serve the most evil beings in the world from T Rex to cavemen.   Unfortunately they always end up killing them off in bizarre funny accidents. 
After running out of bosses to serve they spend years living in an ice cave suffering depression and starting to die off.

One Minion Kevin sets out to find a new evil boss for them to serve.   With the help of Bob and Stewart they head to America to work for the most evil villain - Scarlett Overkill.

The film has some very funny moments and even though they talk in their own baby type language you can tell what they mean - similar to Shawn the Sheep. 
I was looking forward to watching it in 3D as Despicable Me 2 was great in 3D with the Minions blowing bubbles out but there were less moments when things came out at you which was disappointing but still good.
The voice cast was great from Michael Keaton to  Sandra Bullock who played Scarlett Overkill. 

Overall a great movie with the funny and adorable Minions in particular Bob who was very cute.  I just wonder how long the appeal will last.  There is also a cameo from Gru's which tied into later films.

Score  9/10  - slightly let down by 3D.

Bels score - 9/10 - it was very funny.

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