Thursday, 18 June 2015

Jurassic World - Movie Review

Tonight I was took back to my younger days when I went to see Jurassic Park way back in 1993.  At the time it was one of the first to use CGI effects and I was in awe seeing dinosaurs come to life.
Tonight I had that feeling again as the park really came to life in a brilliant visual feast which I reckon was the idea for the first film but they didn't have the effects as good back then.

The characters worked well from the two lads Zach and Gray who visit their Aunt Claire on the island.   This young actors were really good and the older of the two (played by Nick Robinson)  would make a good Peter Parker in the next Spiderman Reboot.
Aunt Claire played by Bryce Dallas Howard was good too.  Bossy and business like at first but softening later in the film to look after her nephews.

All the actors played their parts well including B D Wong who returned from the original film as Dr Henry Wu who has crossed to the dark side.
Vincent D' Onofrio (from Law and Order) was really good as a cocky head of security Vic Hoskins who wanted to take the Velociraptors and turn them into military weapons.
Lastly Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) was again great as a Raptor trainer an ex military guy Owen Grady.
At first I thought the idea of a Raptor trainer was daft but he nurtured them from babies and trained them - much like people do with Wolves or Lions.  It looks quite real.

The main plot involves a new genetic breed of dinosaur which has everything in it called Indominus Rex which is big yet deadly has it has camouflage skin which helps it to escape from its compound.

From here there are some great action sequences including Pterosaurs flying and carrying people of.  The chase with the gyroshere balls visitors sit in ( I want one! ).  The giant Mosasaurus which is huge and swims in the lagoon eating a 20 foot shark is good too.  Also the climax of the film is good with SPOILERS - the T Rex coming back - the same one that was in the first film as it has the scars where the Raptors scratched him.

Overall a fantastic film and an improvement on the first three Jurassic Park films - there were some good nods  to first film too.  Near beginning Jeff Goldblums character photo on back of a book.  There is a statue of Hammond the old guy who created original park.  One character has an original Jurassic Park T-shirt on.  The two lads find the original park.  Plus more besides.
Even though the end battle was good felt bit improbable but fun all the same.
Go get your teeth into this film.

SCORE   -  10/10

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