Sunday, 9 August 2015

Film Review - The Gift

Hi guys

Went to the cinema last night and was either going to watch the new Fantastic Four or The Gift.  Had heard bad reviews for Fantastic Four plus I still think it's too soon for a re-boot after the last films. 
The Gift had good reviews.
It set up the story well with Simon (Jason Bateman) and his wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) moving from Chicago to Simons home town where they bump into a weird old school friend of Simons, Gordon (Joel Egerton) who finds out where they live and starts leaving gifts.

The film is a bit of a slow burner with the tension and Robyns paranoia slowly building up.  But is she being paranoid?  Is Gordon really in their house?

The three leads are excellent especially Jason Bateman as Simon who starts of a warm fun character but he turns nasty once his secrets from school start coming out and shows he was a bully.  The film mainly focused on the three leads so they carried the film well.  There are bit parts from Simons work and their neighbours. 

The  film us creepy in places but needs a better end - there was no real resolution (or is there).  At the end everyone in the screening was like WTF? 

Overall  -  A good thriller although slow in parts but the three leads carry it very well - end is disappointing. 
Score   7/10

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