Thursday, 6 August 2015

Inside Out - film review

Took my daughter to see the above film Inside Out last Saturday at the Rex Cinema in Elland.  An old fashioned cinema complete with organ and an interval half way through selling icecream.  The screen isn't massive but the place screams nostalgia.   Also it's alot cheaper than the big cinemas around which I think are way over priced.

Anyway the film has been advertised as a hit comedy and it was really good although not as funny as I'd hoped.

It focuses on Riley and starts with her being born, inside her head materialises Joy who starts running Rileys emotions.   She is joined by Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear.
I have similar ones in my head which are Sadness, Paranoia, Worry, Beer monster, Psycho and Perv - lol.
Anyway as Riley grows up small balls of her memories store up including her core memories.  Outside command central islands if Rileys personality appear.  These include Hockey and Family.

The trouble starts when at 11 Riley and her Mum and Dad move away, sadness touches the core memories turning them blue/sad and Sadness and Joy end up outside the command centre with the Core memories and have to return them before her islands of personality crumble.   Jeez sounds complicated but it isn't.

As always with a Pixar film the SFX and voice cast are top notch and my daughter and myself enjoyed it.

At the end it shows different versions of the emotions in different people's head which was funny especially the dog version.

Overall - a great film for the family but could have had more laughs.

Score    8/10
Bels Score  9/10

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