Thursday, 6 August 2015

To Write or Not to Write

Hi guys

Had a bit of a break in writing,  blogging and all things bookish as I've had a crisis of confidence.
It started with a few bad writing feedbacks.  Then I didn't make the long list of the No Exit Press competition.  I also couldn't get into Camp Nano in July and continue my novel.  All this and it put me off blogging both here and for the Cleckheaton Literary Festival blog.  Although always planned about a month off the latter blog to space events out and have coverage going for most of the year.

So over the last month I've had a think as to whether I should continue writing - the pros and cons.
These include
Con - time - working full time, getting up early travelling and staring at a screen for about seven hours tires my eyes so when I get home I'm too tired especially in the eyes to sit at another screen.   Also on weekends have my daughter.
Pro - I can work around weekends when haven't daughter or when she gone to bed - plus can write her stories too - she also likes to read and write.
Pro - even though I don't write as much as I should when I do I enjoy it and love getting my creative juices going,  thinking up characters,  setting and stories (I sometimes do this while tapping at work too - shush).
Pro - like doing blog posts and getting my thoughts, ideas out on the net for others to enjoy and discuss - just need More FOLLOWERS!

Verdict - To Write - going to make time to write my stories and blog(s) especially as sometimes guilty of watching too much crap on TV and on Social Media.

So keep your eyes peeled for more posts and stories coming very soon - spread the word and Follow my blogs - with more Followers comes more writing - this is to include a Spy Spoof serial coming in September - Always liked the serials which ended on cliff hanger - well I have one on way soon.
Also will put more writing events and news on my blog.  It may also have a bit of an change.

So keep reading folks.

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