Wednesday, 9 December 2015

December /No Nano

Hi folks

Can't  believe it's December already - Where has this year gone?

Thought would give a quick update and sadly haven't done much writing!   I didn't even start NanoWrimo although had too much going on especially towards the end of November gearing up for Christmas.

Yes been Christmas shopping and following all the other sheep keeping shops busy during this all too commercial Christmas.

I remember when it used to be more about Jesus - ain't seen him mentioned on television at all.  Even Santa has taken a back seat to the Sales and offers in the stores.  He's only in the Cola advert now!

But it's for the kids and my daughter.   Well rant over ha.

Writing wise have only jotted down ideas, have been too tired recently although have still been going to Cleckheaton Writing Group  and CLF meetings.  Helping plan for 2016 Cleckheaton Literature Festival.

Reading wise - nearly finished Wizards First Rule - horray.  This I hope to finish this weekend so expect a review soon.

My highlight in November from a writing point of view is the online Q and A with the fantastic and busy crime author  Leigh Russell.

Any other Authors wanting to be interviewed get in touch.

Well hope to blog again soon hopefully with some actual writing done!

In the meantime enjoy your shopping and spending guys.


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