Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind - Book Review

Imagine the scene:

January 2012 and I had just watched the excellent series of Legend of the Seeker.  I find the two series are based on The Sword of Truth books by fantasy author Terry Goodkind.  So I decide to buy the first seven books in the series.
I start reading Wizards First Rule.

Last night and nearly four years later I finished reading that book.

Yes it's took me a while.  In between I have read a couple of other books both printed and on Kindle.  Plus I have also written quite a bit myself and helped organise this year's Cleckheaton Literature Festival.  Also I was in a bad state when I started the novel so maybe I should have started it a few months later.  Through persistence I have now completed it.

The verdict - following the adventures of Richard Cypher, his Wizard friend  Zedd and their companion the mother Confessor Kahlan as they search for a box of Orden which can stop the evil Wizard Darken Rahl who is trying to use the boxes of Orden to rule the lands.

The characters of the novel are three dimensional especially the main players Richard and Kahlan as they must push aside their love for the mission of stopping Darken Rahl and also because of a secret Kahlan hides that could harm Richard who becomes the Seeker - the holder of the Sword of Truth.
The Wizard Zedd us also a well rounded character.
Other characters fair well too.

I was surprised at how the series on television had not followed the novel in alot of ways but I have to say the novel is better as it delves into the thinking if the characters better as the go through the story.
The story is usual fantasy fare with magic, a dragon, medieval type setting and a quest.  But Terry Goodkind is a good writer who writes detail into the scenes and gives a good mental image.

I am annoyed at how long it as took me to read the novel as I have enjoyed it for the most part.   The middle where the heroes are with the Mud People did drag a bit and lacked action.  Also in some parts the story is repeated and not needed, for example when Richard meets Zedd after a big chunk of the book then describes what has happened to him which felt like reading it twice.

Overall  -  A detailed novel with a rich believable world and characters but could have have done with a trim.  The last quarter of the book is the strongest and a real page turner.  A very enjoyable novel.

Score   -   7/10   - Hope to read the next one faster!

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