Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Snoopy and Charlie Brown - Peanuts Movie - Film Review

Took my daughter to see the new Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie today, eventually after a mix up at cinemas as the cinema we was going to see it at had a note up saying the showing shown online is now cancelled.  
So we high tailed it to Vue cinema in Halifax for a late morning showing.

Myself I think over the years with previous movies and cartoon shows the characters were a bit boring and when I was younger I only liked watching Snoopy.
The case is the same here although with improved CGI and some visual nods to the comic books my daughter and I enjoyed it.  I even liked Charlie Brown and his pals including Linus, Peppermint  Patty and Lucy as they were introduced to the red haired girl who Charlie Brown fancied and was trying to both talk to and impress throughout the film with disastrous results.

The best bits involved Snoopy as he tried to help Charlie Brown talk to his dream girl by showing him how to dance.
Snoopy also wrote a book throughout the movie in which he imagined himself as an ace pilot fighting The Red Barren.  A writer I can relate to - ha.

Overall   -  A great kids film with some good laughs and easy to get into.  Very enjoyable.

Score  -   8/10

Annabel overall  -  I thought  it was funny  10 / 10 

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