Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Belated CWG meeting Monday 21st July

Hi Guys

How you all?  Just a quick update of the last Cleckheaton Writing Group meet last Monday.

Was a really good meeting with 2 new members Ayesha and Sally.  Both are beginners in writing  with Ayesha writing short stories and Sally having completed an Avon course, doing a writing blog and has the beginnings of at least 3 novels.

As well as new members we discussed where we were at writing and Pauline brought in buns and cakes for her birthday - yum.

Also Dawn showed and shared with us some of her non-fiction writing course she is teaching.  For this we had to write a journalist report - here is my newspaper type report.

Naked Bog Snorkling

A new craze has hit the Yorkshire moors attracting young and old alike.
A very skilled and serious extreme sport which isn't for the faint hearted or for people with sensitive noses.
It's Naked Bog Snorkling - started in the First World War in the trenches for the prize of a tin of spam.

This spectacular event made a comeback last year - for the grand prize of spam fritter and chips.

Change of clothes are advised and no camera phones are allowed due to damage and no pockets.

Local businessman Bob Biscuit re-discovered the sport from his Grandfathers love letters to Hitler.
As the sport brought the English and German's together one Valentines day when they stopped fighting due to low ammunition and trench foot.
"I was surprised I even had a Grandfather?" commented Bob when asked about the origins of naked bog snorkling.

Well looking back it ain't too great but we only had 5 minutes to write something - and apologies about the World War references especially as it 100 years since the terrible event happened.


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  1. I think it's brilliant, and much better than my attempt, Neil.