Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Save Cleckheaton Library

Hi guys

Almost forgot especially as I just posted the last meeting on the CWG Meeting on my blog - the Kirklees council are talking about shutting Cleckheaton Library which is a disgrace!!

Not only because the Writers group meet there and growing in numbers with 2 new members recently joining but it is a beautiful old building which I don't want to see either just wasting away abandoned, or into some dodgy flats or a drive through McDonalds.

It's also a great place for people to meet, read books, learn on computers and a peaceful environment to study and enjoy.

Please see the information and link below and please sign the petition to stop an injustice againest people's freedom to learn and socialize.


Please sign this petition to save Cleckheaton Library and Information Centre- so many people rely on its services and it provides a meeting place for so many different groups in the local community - if 1,000 people sign this petition, there's a chance it might be saved!

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  1. Brilliant Neil, let's hope that by sharing everywhere we can get enough signatures to save our Library