Friday, 18 July 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Review

A brown haired boy, holding a helmet by his side, his friends and a black dragon behind him. Dragons are flying overhead.

Hi Guys

Long time no blog just been busy with life and work spending time with 2 special ladies - one being my daughter who I took with me last weekend to see the above film HTTYD 2 - as a treat for getting an excellent end of year school report.

I enjoyed the originality of the first film and this second feature doesn't disaapoint with better graphics than the first and set 5 years after the original with Hiccup and his dragon Toothless on more adventures which starts with them exploring the world around them.

Eventually Hiccup and friends run into his mother who helps him defeat Drago Blodvist the bad guy wanting a dragon army to conquer the world.

With it's touching story of Hiccups parents re-uniting and a bombshell later on it's more mature than the first film emulating the maturity of the characters growing up.

Summary - with excellent CGI and flight/ fight sequences and dashes of humour and emotion it's a great film for all the family and got mine and daughters seal of approval - the many varied voice cast do an excellent job on the film and characters also.

One to watch  - score  9/10

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  1. Great review, looking forward to seeing this with my son in the school holidays