Monday, 28 July 2014

Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction (3D)

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Bit late on delivering this review as saw the film not the Saturday just gone but the Saturday before.  Have to admit wasn't too sure on seeing it as the last two films were a bit all over place with cringe dodgy humour from Shia Le Bouf or whatever his name is.  All thoughts of his character are gone with this film.

Not exactly a total re-boot but a new chapter with new robots and human characters alike - it's a welcome return to the franchise and the best so far.  The story line is spot on in this film - there actually is one,  with better dialogue, special effects and better actors.  Mark Whalberg does a fantastic job as a down and out mechanic in a new world which now knows about the Transformers after the last film.

As ever my favourite character Optimus Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen who gets more dialogue in this film.  I also like how Megatron comes back re-born as Galvatron - a lot better than in the animated movie - and it's the humans fault.

All in all the best of the franchise - more robots, Galvatron, the special effects are improved and it isn't as badly quickly edited as before - you can actually see the action more.  Also a lot better written with a brilliant ending which leaves you wanting more.  Also John Goodman as the voice of Autobot Hound is very funny.

The only problem with the film is that me and partner wasn't too impressed the the 3D - it looked amazing and gave depth to the scenes but nothing spectacular which came out at you and make you jump back or try to grab - lol.

Summary - better told story - can't wait for the next film -    Score     9/10

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