Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Birthday/CWG Meeting 10/11/14


Another quick post to say had a great birthday weekend - spent most with my daughter and mum.  Then a top unexpected night out on Sunday.
Then on Monday a pub lunch followed by Writers Group Meeting in Cleckheaton.

Briefly -  the meeting was good and I met new members Keeley and Mandy - hi ladies.
Karen wasn't there so we went off the rails a little although we did try once we found an agenda - it must have been the chocolate I had brought in.

We went round each other telling about our  WIP - Andy had done the most with his Nano novel Val-Allan which he is also entering in the This Morning Novel Competition which has a deadline of this Friday!
I don't think will make it although only need to write about 2500 words and a page synopsis - which I was meant to do on my days off work - grrr.

Pauline had done more work for Harry an author she types work up for and the struggles it involves.

Pauline wrote the minutes in shorthand which she shared with us - writing our names in shorthand and telling us about how she was trained in it.

I'm not so sure - the shorthand symbols looked too much like the chevrons they have on Stargate - see below:

So that's why no minutes from Pauline yet - lol.

We also discussed dialogue structure and where to put full stops or commas which I will probably forget.

A very good meeting although no one has said who will send out work for feedback - If I get writing I will e-mail my WIP to the team.

See you folks.  PS. Stargate Atlantis was my favourite of all the series.

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