Thursday, 27 November 2014

Snatchers by Shaun Whittington - Book Review

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A quick review of Snatchers a novel by Shaun Whittington.  For the last two months I have been reading this novel on my tablet Kindle app whilst travelling to and from work on the train and what a great companion it has been.  I will miss reading Snatchers on my journey but think will eventually get the three sequels.  Need to read some of my paperbacks first including Wizards First Rule.!

Snatchers is an excellent fast paced Zombie novel although the Z word isn't mentioned and the Undead are referred to as Snatchers.  It reminds me of my Zombie short story based in the pub I posted a few months ago - Dead Drunk - as it is littered with dark humour and most importantly gore and blood.

It's definitely not for kids with graphic gore and violence including a baby ripped apart for lunch, an attempted rape, heads and limbs exploding galore and swearing but it is a fast romp with well rounded characters.

There are quite a few characters the story follows including prison officers and inmates (Shaun used to be a prison officer), as they come to terms with the new world they are thrust into when a virus turns the affected into undead munchers.

Have to admit I haven't enjoyed a book so much in ages and as mentioned before will be reading the sequels and more of Shauns novels.

The only problem with the novel is that there are so many Zombie genre books out there and obviously some will be similar but it stands out though will need to read more of the genre to find out.  All genres are the same really only so many vampire novels can write for example before some become similar.

Also slightly dissapointed in the ending thought would be a big shoot out but now I know there are sequels I'm happy and can't wait to catch up with the characters that survived and meet new ones.

Overall - great fast paced gory novel - be good for Walking Dead fans - caution - not for the faint hearted.
Score  -  9/10

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