Thursday, 27 November 2014


Hello Peeps

How you all?  Hope your busy either reading or writing or both.

I've done some writing for Nano but not much hope to write 6000 words by end of November 44000 words less than target - oops!

Managed to send 2500 words off to the start a bestseller competition that This Morning was holding - think the winner was announced today.

If I get over 10 comments asking to see the serial killer thriller I'm writing and sent to the competition then will post piece of it on here.

After some feedback from the CWG team which I went to Monday I need to tweak it but will carry on and edit after I've written the first draft - past experience of me editing as I write shows that doesn't work for me - that's why the most I've written on a novel is 3 chapters so far - with bits of other novels started and abandoned!
This time determined to finish a first draft of Blood Shores.

Well keep well my followers - blog soon x

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